Services for Companies

All phases in software development, company websites as well as computer and software installations!

We offer eager and knowledgeable service to solve challenging IT problems!

Software Development

We offer service in designing and implementing software projects with over 20 years of experience. A clear and thorough requirement definition is the foundation for good software! Use the benefits of our expertise in this and other software development phases already from the beginning of your project!

We also provide consulting and maintenance services for existing software without forgetting both application architecture modeling and its optimization regardless of platform. Implementation of desktop, database, smartphone, IoT software from us with professional touch!

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Websites (incl. eCommerce)

We provide innovative websites implemented with new methods and latest libraries. We do not use time to re-invent the wheel but use good templates and, if necessary, content management systems at your choice. This will affect to the efficiency of producing content and therefore also the price!

Let's consider together what is the best choice to implement nice and impressive websites in your case. We also help in domain name search and hosting the website. Responsive and scalable company websites on different display screens from us with professional touch!

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Nearby-IT™ provides smooth computer and software installations either on an hourly basis or on a bid basis. We succeed in installing and deploying both Windows and Linux workstations. We also provide support and maintenance services for data centers and agreed computer workstations of the company!

We can be called for help also on other problematic IT issues. Network plans and implementations we offer as a subcontracting deal. Network and server connections for workstations and hardware upgrades are also streamlined with our help. Also maintenance contracts!

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"IT companies make software, provide services and consulting related to the use of information technology, database services and content production. In today's society, information technology is everywhere. Without it, society will not function. Aircraft, cars, agricultural and forestry machinery, telephones and household appliances are controlled and managed by the means of information systems. Manufacturing processes are IT-driven."

- Teknologiateollisuus ry -

JSP-IT Solutions Oy (Ltd)

We are a company focused on IT challenges. Our core competencies include software design and implementation as well as installation and commissioning of the IT environment not forgetting consulting.

Handlet™, Nearby-IT™ and JSP-Product™ are trademarks of JSP-IT Solutions Oy (Ltd).

Business ID: 2721955-5


Amplicon - hardware co-operation
Coinmotion - cryptocurrency services
Envato Market - themes with installation support
FSM - products reseller
Handheld Group AB - products reseller
N‑able - service provider
Prioritio® - business partner
Storage IT - reseller ja business partner
Telia Inmics-Nebula - services as co-operation
Tosibox - products distributor
Traficom - official fi-domain registrar
Zoner - webhotels with installation support


+358 44 239 3400 - Jani Hautanen
Jitsi - remote support / conference call
Contact form - any issues - general issues and feedback - services and products - technical support

Rantakylaentie 452, 62800 Vimpeli, Finland