Services for Associations

Deployment of various association tools as well as computer and software installations!

We will give enough supplies to help in implementing and maintaining the association IT environment!


We provide the creation of forums as a service and provide them with the necessary space either from your desired service provider or from our own servers. We will also supply servers and necessary equipment as well as manage the operating environment and connect to the managed premises based on the deal.

The purpose of the forums is to help users keep in touch, search for information and communicate effectively over the network. Let's make this happen with our help and fulfill the needs of the major administrators as well as quick training for the management of the forum.

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Do you need a membership register for your association, e.g. to manage newsletters and membership benefits? For this we provide secure Database and UI solutions. We do not charge monthly payments for the membership register, but once commissioned a one-off payment will be enough. For third party payments we will not take a stand.

The implementation of the member register is based on existing solutions that have been tested worldwide in many operating environments. The security cannot be ever compromised. Usage is browser-based and the management is always protected by SSL-technology!

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Nearby-IT™ provides smooth computer and software installations either on an hourly basis or on a bid basis. We succeed in installing and deploying both Windows and Linux workstations. We also provide support and maintenance services for data centers and agreed computer workstations of the association!

We can be called for help also on other problematic IT issues. Network plans and implementations we offer as a subcontracting deal. Network and server connections for workstations and hardware upgrades are also streamlined with our help. Also maintenance contracts!

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"Various computer programs are needed for association activities. The most important of these are accounting programs and office programs. A good office software must have a word processor that can write the documents of association. In addition, a spreadsheet program is needed, which can be used to make e.g. the budgets of the association. The spreadsheet program can also be used to maintain a database of the members and assets of the association. In addition, the association needs a presentation graphics program that can be used to make various advertisements and brochures about the association and the events it organizes."

- Järjestöhautomo -

JSP-IT Solutions Oy (Ltd)

We are a company focused on IT challenges. Our core competencies include software design and implementation as well as installation and commissioning of the IT environment not forgetting consulting.

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