We are continuously developing new systems for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises!

JSP-Product™ makes the everyday work-life easier and creates efficient IT environment!


JSP-Timetracker™ is browser-based time management system designed especially for small and medium-sized companies. It allows you to easily track the time spent on different projects, define the hourly rate on a customer-by-customer basis and define project budgets and track budget implementation in practice. In addition, various time-independent costs can be added to projects.

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JSP-Helpdesk™ is a browser-based customer support system designed especially for development, maintenance and service companies. Support requests are created automatically by email sent by the customer, on a form or by staff themselves based on a phone call or other contact. The progress and status of the support request is easy to track and updating the information is effortless.

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JSP-Billing™ is a browser-based billing software designed especially for Finnish companies. It is intended for invoicing and payment tracking and includes invoice processing, customer register, product register and reporting function (in PDF or XML format). The invoice form is SEPA compliant, i.e. it shows IBAN account numbers and SWIFT / BIC codes.

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JSP-Cloud™ is a cloud service specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies. There are similar commercial services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, but in these services all the files you download end up on the servers of others. The system allows you to keep the files in your own hands and, if necessary, share them within the company.

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To be released 1.7.2022


To be released 1.7.2022

"JSP-Product™ is a collection of various applications aimed specifically at small and medium-sized companies. They are designed to facilitate daily work and create a basis for more efficient use of time. The basic principle for using the products is ease of use, both in terms of installation and actual usage! JSP-Product™ is based on open source, which allows us to make application changes as well. We deliver the products pre-installed (with equipment) or, alternatively, we carry out the installation work in the operating environment desired by the customer! We may also be suggested to package some application as long as the basic requirements mentioned here are met!"

- JSP-IT Solutions Oy (Ltd) -

JSP-IT Solutions Oy (Ltd)

We are a company focused on IT challenges. Our core competencies include software design and implementation as well as installation and commissioning of the IT environment not forgetting consulting.

Handlet™, Nearby-IT™ and JSP-Product™ are trademarks of JSP-IT Solutions Oy (Ltd).

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Amplicon - hardware co-operation
Coinmotion - cryptocurrency services
Envato Market - themes with installation support
FSM - products reseller
Handheld Group AB - products reseller
N‑able - service provider
Prioritio® - business partner
Storage IT - reseller ja business partner
Telia Inmics-Nebula - services as co-operation
Tosibox - products distributor
Traficom - official fi-domain registrar
Zoner - webhotels with installation support


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info@jsp-it.fi - general issues and feedback
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