In this part we will publish news about our marketplaces, our projects under construction and the following releases.

Just now we are cyphering four unique concepts which has been released in Q4/2018.

Industrial Marketplaces

B2B Marketplaces

Recycling Marketplaces

Consumer Marketplaces


Humanity and the Earth are at a turning point. In addition to climate change, the Earth’s natural resources are consumed more than its carrying capacity. The goal is to consume wisely, repair damaged equipment and reuse materials.

Customers want to know the prices and availability of wastes, residues, products, services and solutions in real time. There is no investment in stock, but nevertheless production wheels must be in motion to avoid losses.

Our vision is to be one of the most remarkable marketplaces operators globally.

The technology of marketplaces, search, MatchWatcher, automated sales and purchasing system, payment systems, shipment system and electronic archive offer to our customers global and regional markets.

We bring together sellers, buyers, service providers and offer measurable added value to the marketing management. Marketplaces face seller and buyer, demand and supply in accordance with market economy logic.

Recycling Marketplaces (English) – recyclingmarketplaces.com

  • Recycling Marketplaces include general wastes, industry residues, the most important recycling sectors and waste management.

Recycling Marketplaces (Finnish) – recyclingmarketplaces.fi

  • Kierrätyksen markkinapaikat sisältävät yleiset jätejakeet, teollisuuden sivuvirrat, tärkeimmät kiertotalouden sektorit ja jätehuollon.

Industrial Marketplaces – industrymarketplaces.com

  • Industry Marketplaces include industrial subcontracting services, products and industrial components as well as a raw materials exchange.

Global B2B Marketplaces (English) – globalb2b.us

  • B2B Marketplaces include the most important products, services and solutions in business.

Global B2B Marketplaces (Finnish) – globalb2b.fi

  • B2B-markkinapaikat sisältävät tärkeimpien toimialojen tuotteet, palvelut ja ratkaisut.

Consumer Marketplaces (English) – consumermarketplaces.net

  • Consumer Marketplaces include second hand items in everyday life (consumers recycling).

Consumer Marketplaces (Finnish) – kierratysmarkkinat.fi

  • Kierrätysmarkkioiden markkinapaikat sisältävät second hand – tuotteet eli kuluttajien kiertotalouden.

Freegategory Marketplaces (English) – freecategorymarketplaces.com

  • Freegategory Marketplaces offers to households tools to race companies in the most important products and services.

Freegategory Marketplaces (Finnish) – kuluttajakilpailuttaa.fi

  • Kuluttajakilpailuttaa-markkinapaikat tarjoavat kotitalouksille haluamiensa tuotteiden ja palveluiden kilpailutusjärjestelmän.

Agriculturalbyproducts Marketplaces (English) – agriculturalbyproducts.com

  • Agriculturalbyproducts Marketplaces include agricultural and forestry products, services, timber trade, food, agricultural by-products, forest and food residues and used machinery and equipment.

Agriculturalbyproducts Marketplaces (Finnish) – maataloudensivutuotteet.fi

  • Maatalouden sivutuotteiden markkinapaikat sisältävät maatalouden sivuvirrat, puu- ja puuaineskaupan, elintarvikkeet, maa- ja metsätalouspalvelut, metsä- ja elintarviketeollisuuden sivuvirrat sekä käytettyjen maa- ja metsäkoneiden kaupan.

Construction Marketplaces (English) – constructionmarketplaces.com

  • Construction Marketplaces include the most important products and services in new construction, in repair construction, in demolition and in soil construction.

Construction Marketplaces (Finnish) – rakennusmarkkinapaikka.fi

  • Rakennusmarkkinapaikka sisältää uudis- ja korjausrakentamisen sekä maarakentamisen tärkeimmät tuotteet ja palvelut.

Please, see the Description about Marketplaces document for more information.

On this site, we publish news about our future development and releases.

Worldwide Marketplaces Ltd.

Kemp House, 152 – 160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX
United Kingdom


Digitalization is challenging business structures and old ways of action irreversibly.

Customers want to know the prices and availability of products, services and solutions in real time.

There is no investment in stock, but nevertheless production wheels must be in motion to avoid losses.

Our global marketplaces are a response to new challenges both globally and regionally.

Marketplaces face seller and buyer, demand and supply in accordance with market economy logic.

Our goal is to be one of the most prominent key players in online marketplaces globally.

The essence of our solutions brings choice and quality to online marketing by giving you the full control in optimizing your marketing experience.

Our mission is to make you find what you are looking for and enjoy doing it.

The search and filtering system allows you to easily find your ideal matches, with as simple or complex searches as you like.

You can use exclusive or inclusive filters, so there really is all the control in your hands.

On our platforms there are unrestricted and ever-increasing amount of things that can connect you with someone. You can be found and match with someone by adding interests and setting values to your profile.

Even if your taste is very exquisite, our MatchWatcher (MW) will scan the whole database for you 24/7 – and it will notify you when your ideal match of sushi and Simpsons -loving rocket scientist is found!

Even though the algorithms and value creating complexities in our system are many, the basic principle is simple: By optimizing and polishing your own profile, the system rewards you with greater exposure, more matches and special abilities that enchance your marketing experience even further.

Our service creates value in peoples lives and in business by connecting those who value each other in a effective way.


See Portalisaatio overview logic for background information.

Portalisaatio DB is an business oriented database.

It provides logic reasoning capabilities making your data smarter by algorithmically computing new connections to your data.

Relational databases use costly join operations to create connections between entities, but Portalisaatio DB`s connections are primary objects in the database and hence provide fast querying capabilities on the data.

Portalisaatio DB rule engine evaluates logical rules. It is based on a algorithm that is capable of inferencing over high throughput of concurrent inserts and delete operations in parallel. Its capabilities include reasoning over rdf metadata using configurable and dynamically modifiable rule sets and ontologies.

Portalisaatio DB updates rules and changes without recalculation over large datasets.

Portalisaatio DB supports custom rules as well as rule standards such as RDF Schema (RDFS) and Web Ontology Language (OWL). Using ontologies it is possible to enrich the metadata with for example equality expressions and cardinality restrictions.

Portalisaatio DB rule engine can run against all incoming metadata as well as independently for smaller datasets with their own rule sets.

Portalisaatio DB takes into account the context of search, location and the intent of queries to provide relevant search results. The technology refines data into critical information in real time.

Semantic search employ to better understand the context of a search. Is not just about simply discovering information any more, it’s about ordering the web into a coherent flow of information; how topics, themes, ideas, text, video, audio is connected and related to each other.

Keep on our website!

In 2019 we release the first pilot results!

Partner or investor

We are looking for investors or partners to internationalize our four marketplaces to the global markets.

  • Transition to the digital online marketing is becoming a corporate megatrend.
  • Four global unique concepts.
  • Currently no competitors in the world.
  • No purchase inputs and tied up capital.
  • No risk in sales, because we are a broker and not a party to the sale.
Please, see The Description of Portalisaatio Marketplaces and our Investor Guidelines for more information!

Portalisaatio News

Free Category Marketplaces (release Q1/2019)

We offer to our consumers a unique Free Category Marketplace where you can sell both new and second-hand products.

The marketplace works with intelligent keyword algorithms because the rational categorization is not reasonable.

Marketplace face seller and buyer, demand and supply in accordance with market economy logic.

We combine sellers, buyers and service providers.

Online marketplaces`main functions are announcements, search and MatchWatcher™ (MW) automated sales and purchasing systems and electronic contract archives provide to our customers with local and global sales and purchases.

The use of marketplaces is totally free and you pay only transactions for deals that have been realized.

Our marketplace offers to our customers a free application called Time Manager™ to help you manage your free time and, if you like, your business also.

If you are selling your apartment, you can make in advance the moving plan tasks that need to be done within a specific timetable.

When you open the Time Manager™ application, the green light on the system displays show to you that there is enough time to do them. Yellow light tells that time is left a few days and a red light that you are late.

Even if your taste is very exquisite, our MatchWatcher™ (MW) will scan the whole database for you 24/7 – and it will notify you when your ideal match of sushi and Simpsons -loving rocket scientist is found!

Please, attention! If you want to compete suppliers, just click on Consumer Marketplaces and make your request.

Combination Marketplaces (The first pilot Q2/2019)

International companies have a horizontal business of several industrial branches in the global market.

We offer to our customers the opportunity to make sales and purchase announcements with one click for all our marketplaces Combination Marketplaces and make your request.

You can apply for notifications from all marketplaces and set up MatchWatcher™ (MW) for upcoming sales and purchases by logging in to Combination Marketplaces.

From an electronic archive, you can easily find your data queries, bid quotes, offers and deals for your future announcements.

Marketplaces Team


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